Functional Neurological Disorder - FND Hope

A good neurologist for a change

Hi everyone

After 12 years of hell including constant pain exhaustion having a colostomy having a permanent catheter fitted as bowl and bladder don't work . Having severe problems with my eyes and been diagnosed with the fibre myalgia

Today i saw another neurologist and what a fabulous fantastic lady she was . she had read all my previous notes, she asked me loads of questions examined me then diagnosed me with FND

The relief that there is some wrong with me is overwhelming I am so happy if it makes sense

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Really good news to hear that you are happy to be listened to. Having a good neurologist makes a huge difference especially when they diagnose and understand the condition.

May I ask where and who you have? May be of help to others who live near you.. but please don't feel you have to say! :-)

All the best

God bless


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Hi that,s great Nell makes all the difference does,nt it like a weight lifted. The first one i saw in worcestershire in 2015 actually made me worse no people skill,s what soever rude and abrupt I just wanted to give up.

Last year though after my gp pushed me I saw one in gloucester well what can I say but brilliant even overran appointment time to listen to and exam me so yes it makes perfect sense.

I think it can be a post code lottery out there so to all out there don,t give up like I nearly did but keep pushing .

Good luck for the future


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