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My daughter was diagnosed with Dissociative attacks 3 years ago, she has been having them for 7years, we were originally told she was fainting. My question is, how long is too long, for her to be unconscious? Her longest to date is 1hr 50mins, she has just came round from a 50min one, she can be sick whilst out, and her body goes into spasms, she takes citalipram, but I don't think it helps at all. She has an appointment with consultant on thu. All answers appreciated.

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  • I am on same tablet I am sure this making my fnd worst but they won't stop the tablet because my mental health so I start therepy this thurs had any of you been to theory before

  • Is she conscious during the attacks?? If she is NOT and is having spasms also, please get a second or third opinion. FND and Dystonia both I believe you are possibly altered in thought, but are definitely aware of what is happening. If she is conscious, these attacks or storms can last for hours and hours. No harm is done other than like she states she may feel horribly sick. On my worst days I feel like I have the worst flu symptoms possible and could have as many as 8-10 attacks. Many days I was in attacks for 10-12 hours. Somedays just so sick I wish one could come on just to ease the symptoms. It is so hard at times, and there are really no answers as to recovery or why are brains truly are misfiring to the extent they are. As I have stated I have no diagnosis of fnd, rather dystonia, autonomic neuropathy, and POTS, but I sure have what everyone else on this board has, so if its fnd, I have it also.

  • She is not conscious during them they can vary in frequency and length. At her worst she had over 40 a day, and these could vary in length between 5min to 1hr 50mins. She has the top consultant in Scotland, and I trust his diagnosis, what I don't understand is why they vary so much, she can look like she is sleeping, other times her body goes into spasms, she can have difficulty breathing or is sick. She does have asthma as well.

  • mine attack are shorter but ive never been sick and in spasm to that extent . i take lansporal or rantdine which stop me from being sick as the attacks caused me to suffer a hiatus herina but get her dissociative eposide sorted first then ask for her to have a test to see if she had the signs of the having a hiatus herina which can be controlled with meds and diet , but my eposides a re brought on with stress and low sugar levels. hope she get sort and hope this helps you.

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