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Leg pain

Hi there,I have f.n.d and ever since last Friday I've been in horrible pain from the waist down,my legs have been achony on times...I have been in and out of bed for about a week now,my pain relief not working so my doctors have now given my tramadol,any good? I need to try something as been putting hot water bottles straight on my legs to try and ease pain,surely that's not good itself,hopefully soon I find some comfort and the pain will start to stop.x

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I used to use tramadol for RA and it was one of the best for chronic pain relief. Only have them when you need it and don't over do it. X hope your pain eases soon.

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I have leg pain from the waist down and I've been on Tramadol for years!

It does help with pain but I was always told that I can only stay in bed for 2 days and then I must get up and walk a little at a time, several times a day and slowly increase.

Much easier said than done!

I have found lying on an warm electric blanket a great help, so is a warm bath when you feel a little better.

Don't give up!

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