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Incontenence Issues?

Hi Crew,

Ive had FND for a while now or should I say 3 years and although my symptoms are frustrating and annoying, theres one thing which Ive had 2 episodes of now in the past 3 months and thats embarrassingly Incontenence of not urine either. Im going for another MRI soon to see if its MS. First diagnosis was FND since there was no leasions on my brain, but boy I do have a few symptoms. My symptoms are Drop Attacks, Spasms, Restless Leg, Dissociative Disorder, Numbness of Limbs, Ants crawling under my skin, sense of things crawling on me, hearing problems, pins and needles and a few more. Has anyone had incontence issues?

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Yes unfortunately. Very embarrassing and makes going out a bit of a challenge. I suppose unconsciously I now check where the toilets and facilities are as soon as I go in anywhere new. Carry spare underwear just in case. It goes from constipation to real urgency. I do make it most times though. Try not to let it get to you, IBS is a really common trait with FND.

Take care and good luck with tests.



I have to be very watchful over my diet to eliminate things that will affect my digestive system IBS and food intolerances. I had an issue mid last year inwhich my body did not listen to my brain lol... my response to pee can be delayed as well which has started this year and I've had issues for a couple of years not fully emptying bladder, going a lot etc.

Practise some pelvic floor exercises to help with it? X

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