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Hi there after reading lots of posts that bring up the benefits of mindfulness, i wondered if anyone had negative experiences?

My speech therapist worked on it with me, and my voice, mobility and balance got much much worse straight afterwards (and stayed like that for a couple of days).

A newbie on here, so thankyou everyone for all your posts and personal stories...it hekps so much! xxx

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Mindfulness is great if you have trauma or our suppressing emotions about anything or about someone. I have learned it but currently I have worsened in my symptoms. I has not worked for me but it may work for you.


Thankyou for responding. Im lucky in that there is no trauma or suppression involved with the FND. i have myclonic jerks that cause muscular tension, so perhaps thats why he tried it? made them lots worse though. I was wondering if anyone had tried it and had a similar reaction of worsening symptoms afterwards?


Your welcome! Remember to fight for your treatment with wisdom.


I personally haven't had any negative experiences from it. I've not used it to treat trauma or suppressed emotions I just enjoy taking time out and find it relaxing. I use the headspace app. I've just found it helpful to be more aware and appreciate what is going on in around me rather than thinking what I need to do next etc. I've also just started reading the book The Reality Gap which I'm enjoying so far.


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