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Daughter passes out/black outs for 30 minutes or longer

My daughter has EDS and FND, and it is even more difficult to live with both. I am on here because I don't know what to do. She passed out while going toilet, and hit her head on the ground, we don't know if she broke her fall with her hands, or her head took the full impact. She woke up, in pain from her head, as well as her shoulders dislocated and her rib and hips subluxed. She kept on waking up and passing out for another hour, but she has been blacked out for nearly an hour after her last pass out. We can't call NHS direct, because they want us to call an ambulace and once we get to a&e they say there is nothing they can do. She had a two week rehab in Royal National hospital in Stanmore, and she hit her head there, and they left her for an hour completely blacked out. How long should we leave a pass out before we call for help?

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I'm so sorry to hear this about your daughter.i hope she's slightly better.

My daughter has Fnd.she has seizures and 'drop attacks' where she goes into a black out state but can hear me...I called an ambulance and got the same response from a&e, and this was before she was diagnosed.

At our precious neurology appt , we'd been waiting8months! , we were told not to call an ambulance unless she'd hurt herself as can 'fuel 'the Fnd. However I think you have to go on your gut parent first aid trained but if I think my daughter is unsafe or it's now a suituation I can't 'parent' (and I deal with some violent prolonged seizures with my daughter) then I'd go to a&e ...don't be put off by their outcome , at least you've had your daughter checked and you can rule out concussion etc.

Wishing you all well ,it's so difficult xx



This is not Ok whatever the cause you cannot be expected to leave your daughter in this state for up to an hour. I think that A&E will be happy to at least check your daughter out after such an incident. If she has hit her head there is always a possibility of concussion and it is important that proper checks are made. With regard to fuelling the FND I understand where tgey are coming from, but your daughter is not making these episodes up tyey are happening and are very real and I expect distressing to you all, if there is a chance that she is hurt she must be seen and you should not have to be left in a worried state not knowing what younshould, she is your daughter and Inam sure that your own motherly instincts will tell you when enough is enough and help should be sought, You should not feel guilty either , none of us seem to really knowv what to do half tge time at least, sometimes we are in tge dark and our best guess has to be good enough. My thoughts are with you and your daughter. Best wishes Jane


as soon as she passes out get help but if a& e dont help take her to the doctor and ask for her to be send for a mri scan or cat scan to rule out epilsey or another neurological disorder . as they might be able to find out the problem then you as a family can work out what your next move has to be hope this is help ful.


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