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Red blood cells in urine test

Hi all, I just wanted to ask if anyone else has had red and white blood cells show in a urine sample with no infection showing on further investigation? I feel a little concerned since my red blood count has also been borderline high for several months now and lack of communication between my GP surgery where my blood has been taken and rheumatologist for the urine which is a different county. Should I be worried ? anyone no if there might be a link between the two tests ?

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From what I have read it is very common and it happens to me time after time. My bladder really hurts, I saw AZO Urinary pain relief maximum strength in Walmart and bought it. It was immensely helpful. Yesterday, I saw a MD and asked him if it was the same as Miridian, I think that is the name that you need a RX for and he said yes.

He ordered it for me as it will be cheaper than way. I haven't received my mail order supple yet and today I hurt in my back and bladder, and pubic area. I have used up my over the counter supply. You are only suppose to take it for two days, so I do and when it flairs again, I take it another two days. It is worth a try. I hope it works as well for you as for me. It makes your pee orange.


I'm not sure about blood in urine as it could be signs of other things won't get into specifics, however, I do have an almost permanent high white blood cell count whenever they draw blood. That didn't start until about a year ago.


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