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Driving assesment

Hey guys

I contacted the Dvla as mentioned previously about my FND from my car crash. 

They have now contacted me to state that I need to go on a "drivers medical appraisal". This is like a test but just seeing how I drive in different scenarios etc.

I will keep you posted on how it goes. Quite annoyed though as my nuerologist contacted Dvla saying I was fit to drive but they want this assesment done.

It's free but you use own vehicle... And fuel! 

Anyway, I strongly urge you , If you drive, to contact Dvla about your health. It's so important as if you don't and there's an accident, you can be prosecuted for failing to inform Dvla. 

They issue your liscense so there's no way out of it, even though doctor says yes, the Dvla has final say.

Any queries feel free to comment below :)  

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They put you on a simulator before taking you out in the car.


Thanks :) 

Paperwork didn't mention that but if that's the case then it'll be good fun! ;) was always good at computer games so here's hoping lol

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Depends on the centre as to how it happens. I had mine a couple of weeks back in Derby. Straight in one of their cars, even though it is 6 years since I have been behind the wheel. And driving in a resi area then onto a dual carriageway. Just like a driving test but less stressful. Without all manoeuvers - except the emergency stop. Enjoyed it, actually...once I had remembered how to make a car go...

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