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FNd and driving

Hey folks

I had posted this a while ago but I know there are new people here so I'm adding it again to help:

If you have FND and drive... you NEED to inform dvla

Although their website doesn't list FND you still need to inform them of your own personal symptoms and then the process begins.

They will want details of what happens to you. I have been through this and according to them I was first case they had dealt with which I found hard to believe. This was August 2015 and it took 9 months to eventually get the ok from them.

They sent me on a driving assessment to test my capabilities and responses etc

Please please do this! It's vital you don't ignore it

Even if your consultant from neurology has said yes you can drive then put that on the form: they will contact him/her to confirm this.

We know each FND case is different symptoms wise so this is why you need to tell them , even more so if you have had even 1 black out or drop attack.! Thankfully I've had neither.!

I hope this helps.

Any queries let me know and I'll do my best to help

God bless


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Thanks Andy!!!


Thanks Andy. I initially surrendered mine back in July. I've just called today to start the process of trying to get it back as it's been 6 months but I'm not really sure what to expect. They said I'll receive a form I need to complete and get medical evidence to support it. Fingers crossed.


If you get your consultant to write letter to them if he is happy to allow u to drive. They will maybe ask u to do a driving examination which is free to do in your vehicle

Trust it works out ok

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Thank you :) I'm trying to find out when my next appointment with consultant is...hoping it doesn't take 9 months extra. Best wishes


Maybe contact the consultants assistant to request any help with this area. Normally they are helpful :)

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Thanks - got appointment in March so guess I'll wait for that?!


You could maybe request the consultant to do something sooner and then remind them when at the appointment. But get the process rolling with dvla :)

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Andy. Appreciate your alert. Gave up my Washington state driving license last year. Dystonia, myoclonus, and hemifacial spasms not at all compatible with driving. Having your eyes close while motoring down the highway a bad idea particularly when your head is being pulled down towards the steering wheel. Movement disorders are constantly evolving and changing in form of expression. Safety is a really big concern with this disorder regardless of whether walking, on public transit or trying to navigate in the home. I encourage everyone to carefully monitor their own limitations and decide accordingly. Hope for a good day.



Thanks. I have seizures practically everyday; some with warnings and some without. My 18 year old son gave me a right earful about how would I feel if I killed another driver. It's just that I grew up in the country and now live in the country and having a car is essential and I love the freedom it gives me. But I may get the ok from the DVLA but I think I won't.




Hi Lou

I'm actually on the side of your son.

In Glasgow there was the bin lorry disaster and the guy who killed people had not disclosed his health conditions when he had black outs.

Please be honest with them.. I was hit by a driver who in a split second made a choice and it's left me disabled... please don't be selfish...your son needs his mum around and others need their family members around too.

All the best



I've decided that I'm going to volunteer my licence on Monday and see what happens and whatever comes of it is as it is. I'd hate to hurt or worse still kill other car drivers or pedestrians . I'm really sorry for what happened to you.

On the bright side I think I get a free bus pass.




You are doing the right thing. If your GP and consultant both agree you can drive then get letters supporting you and go for the medical examination

Even diabetics have to be reassessed every 2 years due to the risk they have of having attacks

Wish you all the best


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