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Footwear with FMD

Hi everyone!

I find with my FMD that I can't wear any

shoes anymore even if they have a

small heel on them.

My right leg goes weak and buckles even

after trying a pair on for a few minutes.

I get bored wearing flat footed FireTrap

footwear and I miss wearing woman style footwear that I felt confident in.

Does anybody out there feel the same?

You see lovely shoes and boots you used to wear and now you can't.

This condition no matter how positive one is with it takes away all simple

pleasures that we used to love doing.

I pray I see a cure for it in my lifetime.

Lots of love to you all.

Kim xx

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Hi Kim its Louise, I hope you're well?

Just thought I would comment on your post! I rarely wear heels even before I had this condition, I tend to live in slip on shoes as I find them so much more comfortable. But when I do rarely put my heels on my balance is worse than ever! (As balance is one of my biggest issues). I don't have issues with my legs giving way anymore though. But I do get sensations that my brain struggles to sense position of my left leg causing dreadful balance issues. Xxx


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