Throat Spasms with FMD

Happy New year everyone!

I had a not so good Christmas.

I had a simple hiccup and it's started

my throat spasms off again.

I couldn't enjoy my Christmas dinner

and all the other goodies.

My throat keeps going croakey after

eating foods.

It was scary over Christmas as I felt I couldn't breath after swallowing.

This is the second time I've had this.

I see my GP next week.

I may have to have a camera down.

This scares me in case my throat

kicks off again.

Has anybody had this done?

Did they find anything?

A & E told me several months ago

that it is Esophageal spasms.

I want to eat food again without the

constant fear of choking.

Many thanks.

Kim xx

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  • Hi

    I am new to this forum. But after your diagnosis of FND do the medics consider other causes of symptoms? Or do they have a tendency to put all symptoms down to conversion ? I am sorry about your worries. I had a GA for throat endoscopy because I am phobic about gagging. Had to pay and it cost 1500 that's how desperate I am. Others say it's ok though and you don't remember it with conscious sedation.

    Hope it sorts out for you 😕

  • Hi Kim, I have spasmodic dysphonia, I had the camera put down my throat and that is when they found it. It is a type of dystonia. My vocal chords spasm and push together. Sometimes it hurts quite bad. I think you will be alright with the camera and maybe they will find something they can help you with. They used botox on my vocal chords for quite a few years but now I do not use it. Pray all will go well with you. God BLess, Cathy

  • Hi Kim, I have had a camera down, you can be sedated and you know nothing about it, I am sure if you were sedated your throat spasms will not happen. Take care lots of love and gentle hugs xxxx

  • Hi Kim,

    You'll be just fine. The endoscopy is very easy, they put you out, put the tube down, and check things out. Really it is nothing to worry about. I have done it 2-3 times myself. One thing I found that actually helped my throat spasms was a medication called Diltiazem. Might be worth checking with your GP about. Normally it is a medication for hearts, (muscle).. but it is the only thing that made a difference for me when I started having throat spasms after having stomach surgery. They'll take care of you, don't stress, we all know that doesn't help with FND. Best of luck Kim.


  • Hi Kim,did you get my message on 18th of December?I had another admission to the hospital in November and the throat spasms were one of the problem so eating was a nightmare .Had tests but nothing showing.Please let me know if you have changed your email.

    Diana x

  • Hi Diana!

    Thank you for your reply.

    Can you contact me again

    via my e mail.

    It's my usual one.

    Will talk to you there hun.

    Hope your feeling better.

    Thank you



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