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Cycling and FND

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Hi everyone,

Any of you out there who has tried to cycle with FND, and had a bad episode after? I used to love to cycle, but FND put a stop to that, as with most of my interests, but I thought I'd try it today for 30 minutes. I got home and shortly after, my whole body went into tremor and affected my speech.

FND really sucks, but I'm wondering if anyone out there has had the same symptoms after trying to cycle again.

Warmest wishes.

Kim 🙏🙏😃😃

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For a first time back on the bike, probably a bit long. I do exercise bike usually starting 5 min and build it up. You also for no reason get good and bad days where no riding is possible. FND is impossible to predict. Stress certainly a big factor. Give it a few days and try a shorter time. All the best. Take care.

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Hi there,Thank you for your reply.

You're absolutely correct.

FND is so unpredictable.

I always push it too far I guess.

Moderation next time!

Best wishes to you.

Kim. 👍👍

I think this is biggest lesson to learn here for me is slow down, my body is forced to now. I need to learn and apply 2 minute Increments so as to not overdo it.

Hi I used to love cycling but unfortunately it’s my balance that’s not working properly and it’s not safe for me to ride a bike. I did try but I fell off so annoying.

Dear Kim

Great to see you again and i went on a Exercise bike and with in 2 mins fell off it because of my balance and oh wow huge huge mistake not only was i very sore from the fall i was out of action for a couple of days and out of pocket too lol

So would i get on a real bike my answer would be a huge NO the thought of it makes my wifes blood go cold .

Im sorry you had this horrible Experience

take care


Really anything I do even walking. I have panic disorder from FND on heart meds to keep heart rate down but still labored breathing just walking. I am improving overall, I think. Not giving up hope

My daughter uses my electric bicycle. Means she doesn't need to push as hard but can still enjoys the ride. She doesn't use it when arms are weak (break is on handle bar) or has balance issues

I used to cycle a lot Mountain bike and road. I had just sell everything when I was afflicted with this five years ago. I started very slowly on the recumbent bike in the gym. I have since bought a recumbent trike, I find not having to worry about balance definitely makes it a lot easier. I wish you well and hope you find joy in new things.

I recommend you not to completely give up on your passions. When your body allows do a little at a time. It is vital that you do what makes you happy the best you can. But I do understand you have to go thru your stages of grief. I just started biking. I road on yesterday I enjoyed it. It was my first day back on a bike. I just started off light...Goal is learning your body and what you can and cant do in the moment. My speech changed during the bike ride because I was singing listening to my music on the ride. With FND symptoms happen at anytime of the day. I just go with it and do what I can and take a break when I cant go .

I send peace & understanding... ❤

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AjaStar in reply to SNOW10

I used to love to sing before FND struck. Now if I sing for more than five minutes, I start to slur and I feel bad and symptoms increase. I can’t believe how much this disorder has taken away from me.

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SNOW10 in reply to AjaStar

Just keep trying, dont give up on your singing when your body allows it sing away in that moment. 💪😁

Hi Kim,I don't have FND/conversion disorder but I do have a motion intolerance condition which is usually worse after any form of transportation and I have experienced word loss when symptom levels get hiked. Have you been to a reputable balance clinic for a full assessment? I think FND is over diagnosed in people with balance conditions, unfortunately.

Hello there,After reading your email I presume that you love cylcl ing?

I have cycled so much when I was younger,but not notw as I have balance issues, I can walk ok, run and catch a ball but put me on a bike again and its a no n0- so sorry dont mean to sound down, but balance is a huge issue, wishing good luck to youx

I sold my peloton bike … it was too much on my system to do classes. I would spasm and fatigue easily. It was hard to let go of cycling for me. In physical therapy I had to readjust my goals and expectations. FND just means I have to be flexible with my fitness and be more aware of what my body is telling me - usually it’s to slow down. Now I stick to walking 15 mins at a time and I can do upper body weights. I’m thankful I can do that. I went from being on a wheel chair, to using walking poles to know walking on my own and doing upper body weights. Wishing you well.

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