Functional Neurological Disorder - FND Hope


Hi lee

I have read your message,and what always rings true is that so called medical professionals have

been double guessing with you.

I have left sided weakness,and certain sensory problems,ie left eye vision problems left ear slight

deafness,and have suffered stroke symptoms/migraine after being admitted to AE last December,

still suffer daily pain,bad gait,left sided weakness ,cant walk far ,or stand too long.have bladder problems,had trouble swallowing,stillslur my words sometimes,if I can get them out ,cognition not

great either,all this after blood tests and MRI came back clear,therfore neurologist assumes its stress

or trauma,though I feel as in your case its something that precedes all this,I had screaming migraines for about 8 mths,nothing much was done,this then developed into vertigo and vision problems,then

mycolonic jerks developed,when I realised something else was going on.

anyway enough about me I hope you get more investigation on pd,as I have worked in the care

industry,and indication are maybe you may have an early onset,you mentioned the

its would help to get a second opinion,the americans are light years ahead as regards to treatment,research and awareness of all neuro problems, hope I have helped in some small way

god bless chris


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