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I still believe ahead of anything else is to make medical professionals more aware of fnd

professional medical staff should at least be aware of functional neurological disorders,through

training,and awareness,so they don't condesend or disbelieve us, which I have found the most

stressftionul part of my condition even after the firm diagnosis from the neurologist, iam

talking about the hospital doctors and certain gps,who don't know about or even consider the

possibility of fnd.

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Massive agreement.Proffessionals regard scans and bloodtests as God-yet when you delve into the world of neurology there are so many illnesses and disease processes that often do not show up on conventional tests.An FND diagnosis is supposed to be reached from positive functional signs,not just a lack of evidence of organic illness and yet I see this happening all the time.Conversly,I see positive organic results and evidence being dismissed in favour of an FND diagnosis.I will say that all the nursing staff were absolutely lovely in my case and not at all judgemental but some of the proffessionals were incredibly condescending and nothing short of rude and abusive.You really need an angry neuro yelling at you and seemingly blaming you for what are very frightening symptoms beyond your comprehension-or a GP who has no clue and little interest in learning.We know our symptoms are real and often distressing,we know we are not doing it on purpose and we are aware that the' rules of medicine ' do not always apply.We exist-and the medical world needs to respect and accommodate us.


I have same concern Chris! I had to have my primary care physician force my Neurologist to do an EMG and 8 nerve conduction tests on me which proved I have Peripheral Neuropathy. Then had to see a second neurologist to get MRI of my back to prove I had multiple spines pressing on root nerves in Cervical and Lumbar region. All of this after Cancer surgery and Chemotherapy that damaged me severely! Most of the 16 specialists I've seen act as though I making up symptoms until they get proof and then their attitude changes. It's very insulting and they won't even discuss my conditions with me despite my research that often proves me right. Many are arrogant but thank God my Primary Care Physician believes me as he's known me for many years and knows how healthy, smart and honest I am!

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Glad you persisted and have had some of your issues addressed.Yes,the silent treatment seems to be a common theme with specialists-its like our own conditions /test results are to be kept secret from us.An intelligent well informed patient is their worst nightmare!I have a theory that neurology is an expensive area of expertise and large savings can be made by minimising tests after a negative result under the guise of psychological-often even in the face of red flag textbook symptoms. Medicine never used to be like this.Hope you are now getting the respect and help you deserve,Angela x


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