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So today I was suffering with pain like I hadn't had in a long time and the fatigue was getting worse so I thought I would look up on my condition which I have had for the last 4 years and to my surprise there was this site a new site. So I thought great finally get to meet more people who feel the same as i do... Been to many different groups but I never seem to tick all the boxes FND doesn't really fit in anywhere and even though you suffer as MS. ME. Parkinsons , Stroke victims and many other recognised conditions your just not quite there as its not really a condition that is medically known and you seem to have to prove and fight for this condition .... :(

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You said it perfectly, we don't fit into their neat little box, is how I say it. And so we fight to get the right diagnosis, whatever it is. I have been diagnosed with dystonia, but there are parts of me that don;t fit that, more fnd. I have said and will say I believe fnd is a non-diagnosed movement disorder yet to be told. Sticking to that opinion probably till and thru eternity. God bless,

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