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Vagus Nerve Stimulation

I have seizures that happen often and make daily life nearly impossible. I started having seizures in November 2013. I have 2-5 Grand Mals a day. I found out about the VNS and wondered if it would be worth asking about. I have nonepileptic seizures, but they have the same triggers as Epilepsy and the movement is the same. The on,y difference is that my seizures last five to ten minutes. I Sam planning to return to college, but I'm not confident that I can deal with classes. I am turning 20 in June so it's pretty important to me that I can reduce my seizures. Will the VNS help with the seizures? They are thaught to be caused by Functional Neurological Disorder, but also had been thaught to be from Guillian-Barre. I've seen nine different doctors and even my primary has no idea what's causing them. Would I have to get a confirmed diagnosis or can I just ask to see if the VNS helps?

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My son has the v n s and is been helping some but some times takes longer I meet a lady at the clinic she said it was helping her son it was having less sizures I think is worth try it good luck.


Please take a look at fndhope.org which is run by sufferers of FND. You will find at the bottom of the Homepage a link to request inclusion in the private Facebook group where there are some 700 people whose help and support may prove invaluable. Good luck and remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


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