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What should I do next?

I was recently told that I should go in for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Biofeedback because of my FND. The consoles let me know point blank that they see no need for me to be in therapy. I am going in anyway. Because the original diagnoses was Guillian-Barre, then Conversion Disorder and now FND; will the therapy help clear the Conversion Disorder so that I can actually be treated when I need it? I was told that there is nothing further they can do until we can show that it's not conversion. My doctor now has doubts that it's even FND. He thinks it's Guillian Barre like the other doctor said in the first place. If I didn't have psyc issues before; I do now. :) I'm going insane trying to find out what's wrong.

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You have my sympathy I was diagnosed with MS in 1992 and then in 2005 following further neurological symptoms, after a long period of remission, I was told I had FND. I have a complicated medical history and sometimes I feel this just confuses diagnosis. From my experience I would say it is important to recieve phycological support in the form of CBT (you can self refer to First Steps, have a look at their website). This support will help you whatever the final diagnosis. I hope you get the support you need as long term illness whatever the diagnosis affects the whole and an holistic approach is important. Hope this helps. Ax

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I tried counselling a long time ago.. It did help a bit. Tho I didn't have all the symptoms I have now. Problem being me as I was a counsellor. I think too much!

CBT can help as it can help us to manage the disorder. It can also help us to find what is under the surface and contributing to our problem. I don't believe we are mad!! I feel better if I understand.

I do hope you find help somewhere. Not having a diagnosis is horrid.

All the best,


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