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I was rushed into hospital last week with a suspected acute stroke, I had lost all power of speach, I could even mouth the words, it was a total block. My head also felt as if someone was stirring it in the figure of 8 and my vision was doing the samething. Nothing showed in my bloods so they have put it down too my FND. Has anyone else had this problem?

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  • Somewhat how mine started, but had massive headache to go with it. If you would like more info, check out and maybe join the Facebook group where we support and listen, advise and generally chat about all the different aspects of FND. I assume you had an MRI and it showed clear? To have this quick a diagnosis you must have been seen by a consultant with knowledge of FND as rarely is it diagnosed that quickly. Plenty of us around to chat to on Fb group.!

  • The brain is a powerful thing. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

  • Ah you misunderstood me, I have had FND for 2 years, it took 18mths for them to diagnose it, the new symptoms they have just attached to it after only testing my blood, hence me asking if anyone else has had the same symptoms. I will try and get hold of Dr Edwards as he happens to be my specialist, I think it might be an idea if he knew about it.

  • hiya so sorry to hear of your recent problems/ symptoms. did they not do an MRI of brain? yes I agree you need to be seen by whoever you were diagnosed under..and it's very wrong of this recent dr to say these are FND if he is. to an expert in this field.

    Neurologists are aware of FND but many do not have the clinical experience of severe symptoms..such as yours as whether they are in fact FND. FND should only be used when every other possibilities have been ruled out re organic conditions...vascular, neuro etc..


  • The dr that saw me on that day had no experience in FND, he had heard of it and was interested in finding out more, the only test was a blood test, the rest was just visual. I could communicate via other forms, like typing or writing, so decided on that alone that I had not had a stroke. The more I think about it, the more I am getting annoyed by the whole thing, really they should of got someone that knew something more about it to at least recommend what tests to do. Oh well I will know what to demand next time, but let's hope there is not one.

  • My whole adventure started with a trip to the E.R because they thought I was having a stroke I had a ct-scan done showed no blood clot so they gave me Meds by that time my entire right side was paralyzed and I couldn't speak at all. I spent a week in hostiptal by the time I left they said it was complex migraines. From that day I've had seizures and the same thing happen twice and it's all FND:(

  • I have stroke like symptoms numbness down my left side facial droop inability to walk and talk.

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