Very scared

Hi I'm new here

I'm63 went yo my cos I was seeing a lot they did a urine test been there is blood in it got yo ho for scan tomorrow then have a Canada in my bladder I'm so sure it's cancer doesn't help I have been told I have an abnormal heart beat ad well I have no one to talk to and I have to go on my own my daughter is autistic and if she finds out she will get very strange ad I'm all she's got I don't know what to do I have to keep pretending every things ok when all I want to do is cry

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  • Try not to think the worst. The medics are brilliant. One step at a time and deal with things as they manifest...Good luck & hope your results are good ones 👍

  • One day at a time. Do you have family or a friend that can support you?

  • No my daughter is autistic she gets stressed very easily and I'm all she's got if I die she goes on to a home

  • Poor you - it's awful finding out there's something wrong - as we know. Try and expect the best though and remember that the sooner something's done the better. Is there a friend or neighbour who can go with you? It's easier to keep calm with someone else and they are another pair of ears to listen to the doctor. Best wishes and good luck.

  • I know how you must feeling because i am waiting for results from my bladder tumor removal but take comfort that although we are not with you in person we are there in spirit ,

    Good luck and let us know how you get on


  • Please hang in there. We've all been scared--and cancer is a scary thought. There are so many approaches to deal with cancer, depending on the type, location, etc.--many of them with prospects for complete cures. Cry if you need to, but please try to stay optimistic. If there is something that needs to faced, you CAN do it. Please keep us informed.

  • Had my scan the lady who did it said she couldnt see any obvious I'll get my proper results when I go for the canard in my bladder on Wednesday feeling a little better but will be glad when I've had all the tests done

  • I hope that your test went well. I am a 5 year survivor. My bladder was removed and I wear on ostomy pouch to collect urine. I have been blessed and I know it. Hang in there. People do survive after cancer and you can too.

  • Had my test they said every thing was normal no sign of cancer but Said I need to have blood tests and blood pressure to be taken every year to check my kidneys as they didn't find any reason for the blood in my urine so I'm still a bit worried they also said my ideas a bit tight don't know what this means had my kidneys scanned again every thing normal

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