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looking for tips for catheter problems

I am "new boy" on here , Retired engineer (81 years) diag prostate cancer in 2005 and had alergy to injections, had a battle with my doc over that incident but we have resolved it now with a "new" product , Developed Diabetes to add to problems,ended up with a Catheter fitted 3years ago because of 5times a night "weeing" ,got that under control now down to 1 time on a leg bag or 0 times on a night bag . Now having critical periods due to "by-passing" and blockages. was hoping to pick up some tips from other suffers as the only advice I get is :- keep on taking the pills (pain suppression)-----which often is not enough .

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I was only catheterised for a short while after my surgery,so im not sure what advice i can offer,but is there any reason you cant use 'condom' drainage? It a sticky plastic condom like fitting that connects up to your bag, there is no catheter pain and no chance of 'bypasses'.I used them for quite a few months before moving on to wearing pads and a washable pad for sleeping.Maybe you can ask your doc to try you on them,they rarely leak if fitted correctly. Hope you can sort your problem and GoodLuck .

Cheers. Mark.

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I have had the cathater in since December 2015, there has been 2 trial withdrawals that ended badly, I don't have any suggestion, I am having Chemotherapy for secondaries on the lungs and after that I hope Urology will get on with sorting the bladder issues which are causing me some concern, I still have pain in my back located where the Tumor was partially removed, still passing small clots and still have ocational bleeds. I hope you get sorted soon.

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If you're saying your catheter gets blocked, you may be able to solve that by irrigating the catheter. You need an irrigation syringe and sterile saline. First you fill your bladder through the catheter with the syringe and saline. Then you withdraw the saline through the syringe. A few irrigations per session should pull out clots and mucus plugs restoring free flow through the catheter thus avoiding urine flow around the catheter.


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