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ct scan next

after all my other tests,including flexible cystoscopy,bladder biopsy,psa and ultra sound all which have come back normal,my next and hopefully last is a ct scan,can anybody tell me what the likelihood of them finding anything with that are,i was referred in the beginning after passing a lot of blood and clots in my urine and they still cant tell me why...could it be just a one off problem which resolved itself? any pointers would be appreciated

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Glad they giving you plenty of tests to make sure...I'm sure CT scan will show anything up as that's what I had every 6 months after bladder removed... It's annoying when you get no answers as to why...for CT scan you may have to drink this litre of mixture first and also half way through scan get injected with dye which makes you go may not have these but they will tell you

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I had passed a lot of blood with clots the result was a tumor discovered via a cystoscopy go get another one


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