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Neo bladder

A neo bladder is a new bladder made from part of your lower intestine.When mine was first made 6 months ago the surgeons told me that it would only hold 250 ml but that it would stretch in time.My first thought was that the average can of beer holds 370 ml and envisioned endless trips to the toilet if i have a beer with friends. I am happy to say they were right and i had my first 1 lt pee this morning (measured in my night bag) Ordinarily i would put this fact in the 'too much information' folder but we are a close family of people that all suffer in one way or another from this dreadful disease, and can share our trials and tribulations with each other. Soldier on fellow sufferers it does get better.:)

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Glad to hear it...


So are you happy with the Neo bladder?

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Yes Julib i am happy with it on the most part,it does have a few problems though.

In my case they had to cut away the main spinchter muscle which prevents leakage ( you have two i think) so if i sneeze,cough or lift anything heavy i have small leakages but women tell me they have that problem

My surgeons tell me that as time goes on this problem may right itself.

Another problem is that if you dont get the knack of emptying it properly you will be prone to bladder infections,i have had two,but i also had the problem of scar tissue partially blocking the ureter,so it probably wouldnt be a problem to anyone else.


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