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Recent referral for Prostate Investigation

I have been referred to a Urologist for further investigation into a suspect finger test on my prostate. My PSA was 1.37 at beginning of 2019. Going to have an update before going to Urologist. What tests can I expect the Urologist to carry out.

Trying to keep my Anxiety in control as I know it will bring on an AFib attack..


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Your PSA is low. The Uro will do his own DRE and PSA. What exactly was your doctor's motivation for sending you to a Urologist?


Thanks for your reply Magnus.

Note: I'm aged 77yrs but quite fit and confident but prone to Anxiety attack when dealing with health issues. First time ever referred to Hospital was 2018

The main reason for my GP to become involved was my Frequency of Urination. Much more frequent during Afib attack.

He thought that I should be in receipt of a recent PSA test when I see the Urologist. Hence I'm having one on Monday 10th June 2019 while waiting for the referral.

I mainly would like to know what tests to expect the Urologist to carry out. Don't like surprises.



So this may not be prostate cancer. It may be prostatitis or a circulation problem.


Yes Magnus, I agree also my reporting is somewhat disjointed, reflecting my anxiety I suppose. My GP said that the prostate is enlarged as he would expect for my age but there was a rough irregular area he was not sure of.

I don't think its a circulation problem as it would have shown up by now in my extensive activities and stress tests.



If it did not hurt during the DRE then it may not be Pca.

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You are very fortunate to have a PSA of only 1.37 at 77 years of age! Very doubtful you have prostate cancer. With the next PSA test have them check the Free PSA if they didn't already. Anything under 10% is suspect and anything over 20% is likely benign. Anything in between doesn't help much with diagnosis. I have had chronic prostatitis for years and know what anxiety does for pain in that area. Good luck and keep us posted!


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