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cancer recurrence

Hi all Nuray,aim currently on Bicalutamide 50 mg for 21 one days?first Prostap injection on 9 march?followed by 6 and half weeks of Radiothereapy? To help control my recent prostate recurrence 0.13 has any one gone down this road? Taking all three therapy's at once? I've read there are three different Hormone injections? Which one is more affective? Pls advice rewards Nuray

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Hi Nuray. Not currently on your path but will be starting hormone tablets to be followed by radiotherapy down the line. Had the robotic prosectomy last year but PSA has been creeping up monthly and even spiked last month - currently at 0.18



Hi Soffers,thanks for yr reply mate?tell me what was yr biopsy results was they positive margins?breakage through the prostate and what was yr core?mine was 4+3 mine biopsy was positive margins invasion don't know where?having my Radiothereapy induction this coming Monday 6 mate?


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