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sorry to moan folkes but the damn fibro has the better of me since xmas.....I have gone from bad to worse......lots of added stress at home at the moment with eldest son doing A levels and hoping to go to Uni (theres another financial worry) 2nd eldest son doing GCSE;s and stressed to death with worries about college/jobs etc......youngest son of 9 currently waiting assesement for ADHD/Autism been long journey and soooo hoping to get there soon.......poor daughter of 12 has named herself "the forgotten child" .....stress stress.....been self employed since 1990 running our own business which had to close in 2010 due to this illness ....been soooo ill since xmas sent in sick notes, total waste of time they have awarded me 0 ESA , no contribution based as they say I missed a nat ins payment despite the fact it is on direct debit monthly - cant get income based as hubby just got part time job doing nights at supermarket for 24 hrs seems this is the cut off point, he earns very little but wanted to do something and this was all he could get, as a Research Scientist for ICI for endless years seems such a waste but you gotta take whatever jobs there council tax have took our benefit off wanting an extra £250 per month, will probably loose his working tax credits as this lovely government have amended the amount you can earn from £10,000 down to just £5,000 so that includes him so basically probably not worth him doing 3 hard night shifts a week as he will probably only net £100 month - not that he will give it up he would rather work and be earning but it all seems soooo unfair...............lots of financial stress due to loss of business and have meeting wed with citizens advise who have been trying to help so fingers crossed on that score....hoard of bills to catch up iwth and Im sure all this affects my fibro - just feel like giving up and giving into it !!!!!!!!!!!! bah humbug !!! moan over with.............

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Wow! You certainly have a lot on your plate right now! Not surprised you feel like hibernating - I think I would too! Sorry can't offer you any practical advice or help, but sending you ((((hugs))))




We have lost our 100% council tax rebate we now have to pay £250 a year... We have one autistic child trying to do GCSEs at the moment ... I don't work but get low rate care dla and my OH works part time and we get our working tax credits as normal... So I would be very surprised if you lost your working tax credits or your child tax credits ... I know when you are in a flare things seem so impossible and worse than they are but, stressing will make your flare worse... I know from experience....

Have you been to see your GP recently and explained your fibro is worse due to stress and is there anything he can do to help

Another option is to phone the tax credit offices and ask ... We have done on a few times. And they have been very helpful....

Fingers crossed things seem better soon

VG x


Hi Lavender,

I do know how you feel, and I sympathise - I'll remember you if I win the lottery! I too wish that I could be of more practical help, but we are all here to listen, and if it's any comfort at all, you WILL get through this - people always do.

Just remember that being poor is not a crime, and you will be able to rebuild. I won't go into details here, but if I can do it, anyone can.

I'm glad you have CAB helping you - they certainly saved my bacon a few years back!

Best of luck, and try to relax, 'cos your family are all safe, and that's the important thing.

Love from Moffy x


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