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A free guide for CFS. Visit web site

Hi all not posted anything for quite a while. Not been well (need I say more)

I found the link to this site on Face Book.

There are free resources (eBook mp3 & videos)

They are quite educational. Yes Russel Stubbs is trying to sell you a place on his Optium Energy Course, If you have a lot of spare cash, you could give it a go. For me the free resources will have to suffice .

But this has helped me.

Hope You find it interesting.

Soft Hugs


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Thanks Yvonne, It's very kind of you to share any help and support for other sufferers to check out, especially when help and support seems so inadequate or ridiculously expensive for such illnesses.

By the way, have you looked into Dr Tenabaum's help. He was recently on Ricki Lake show on Fox talking about F.M.S and alike....again he's crazily expensive! but the free online questionaire may be helpful to you and others.

Soft hugs and appreciation.





Patrick Holford does an "Optimum Nutrition" diet which some may find helpful, and he also covers Fibro/CFS in his meal plans. His advice led me to Vit B12 and Magnesium supplements. His books are cheap and seem to be suited to the UK way of life.

He raises an interesting thing about fruit for breakfast straining the body's digestion and the fact that if you have fruit with meat it ferments all wrong in the stomach (That put me off melon for starters, I can tell you). Not sure how true it is, but seems a little too outside the box to have been made up?

He worked with Rosemary Connolly on her diets for a while to make them more healthy a few years back and has appeared on UK TV a few times (I think he is an advisor to the BBC??)


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