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Laser and Radiofrecuency for pain control

I've been just talking with my mother, who's got moderate arthritis very well under control, and she was telling me about how the pain travels through your body, appears and disappears making believe you are mad. Just talking about it she mentioned how good is the laser and radiofrequency treatment she gets for a broken meniscus in her knee. You get the two in ten minutes, have twenty sessions but she only had ten because she was totally fine with ten over a year ago now. Her meniscus is still broken but is not swollen or painful in any way - she walks lots as well, she's very active as much as I wished I could be and as I used to be.

The thing is that I asked her if I could have that myself for my fybro and she said of course I can. Anyone with pain can use it. She says even though she doesn't understand how it works it's miraculous!!! This is back in Madrid, where i am originally from and through our private insurance. How is it possible that I had never heard of this over here before? I've checked and it's used for arthritis but it mentions in some places that is being used for fybro and even for whiplash injuries, the origin of all my problems!!! I am sure the nhs might not use it since they haven't offered it to me before - it would be inexplicable if they did and had never said a word. I presume over here is more common to get this treatment in private clinics or through private health insurances/hospitals????

I had heard of alternatives treatments but not a word of this. Does anyone here know anything about it? How and where we could get this type of treatment???

Thanks to everyone!! I'm not sure if i am being too innocent but it suddenly feel as if there was a solution to my pain, and even if I am in pain i am so chirpy. Of course it wouldn't work on the fatigue for instance but I bet it would improve. Any thoughts?

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I have never heard of this treatment, but have found an article about it on what appears to be a reputable site.

You could ask your doc about it, but I don't think it's available on the NHS.

I can't post the link here, as it contains adware, but if you PM me, I can send it to you.

Moffy x


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