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My DR of 25 years is retiring, his replacement started about a year ago when my Dr went part time. Unfortunately he seems to listen but then just gives me repeat prescriptions. He is also convinced I am depressed and that if I take anti depression my problems will all disappear. Alongside Fibro I have Raynauds, Carpal Tunnel, OA, Cervical spondylosis, Pspriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis and IBS. I don't think anti depressants can cure all this - I wish they could!

The thing is, I don't want to change my Dr and find another who is just the same. So my question is this:

Can anyone recommend a caring Fibro friendly Dr in the N22 area. I would be really greatful for any reccomendations.

Thank you.

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You are quite right ant depressants won't cure all that and you might not be depressed I know I am not, but I do take an antidepressant at night because it gives me a great nights sleep... I had to try 4 before I found one that suited me but it was worth it for the sleep... If you sleep well then I can see why you don't want to go down this route... Have you tried talking firmly but politely to your GP or taken some one with you for support... ..failing that I hope someone knows a good GP in your area

VG x


I take amitriptyline at night to help with my sleep but now I have been given Lustral. The fact is some days I am really down but I am also always in pain despite anything else I take. As we all know some days are bearable others are totally unbearable. So sometimes I may seem a bit depressed but I defy anyone not to be in mine or others here conditions. I just don't want to change Drs and then want to do it again and again. I haven't got the energy and I don't want to look like a troublesome patient. So I just want to make sure when I change it is the right move.

Thanks for taking the time to listen Tina


Hello TiddlyF,

It is so frustrating & exasperating when you feel your GP doesn't listen to you and/or seems not to try to help with your symptoms. I think most of us have had the same experience so we can all understand how you are feeling

As VG said try taking someone with you or try to explain your symptoms in more depth & how it is affecting your daily life if you haven't tried this already. Here is a link to the FibroAction website that contains advice about how to deal with Doctors

If this doesn't work I hope you will have replies from someone who knows of a Fibro Friendly Doctor in you area as I cannot see any on our directory for you area at present.

Here's the link anyway should you wish to keep checking in

Best Wishes



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