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What to expect in fibro diagnosis?

On April 15th I'm at the Orthopaedic Clinical Assessment Service (OCAS) with suspected fibromyalgia. Can anyone offer me any advice of what to expect or what will happen? I've been in almost constant pain with my joints since January and I'm scared stiff the people at this appointment will just shrug and say, "I don't know." I'm sure many of you know what I mean when I say, I just want answers now.

Any advice is greatly welcome.


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Hello Gamerrgrrl,

Usually Fibromyalgia is diagnosed by a Rhematologist, so they may want to assess you in Orthopaedics to rule out other illnesses before referring you to a Rheumatologist.

Can I provide you with this link to the FibroAction website that is part of the factsheets 'All about Fibro'

I am sorry you feel anxious about the Doctors and how they may or may not react. We all understand as most of us have experienced the problem you mention before.

I would like to again provide a link to the website to a section in the Expert Patient factsheets called Dealing with Doctors

This may help you prepare for the points you want to mention to the team. As I say they may wish you to see a Rheumatologist if they suspect Fibromyalgia

Best Wishes for your appointment.



Hi there I was diagnosed by my GP 23 years ago I was very lucky as I went in with this unbearable rib pain it hurt to breathe hurt to touch them . He felt them very gently with me ow ow owing at every touch he then touched the classic fibromyalgia tender points which I didn't know hurt until he touched them .. Said aha you have fibromyalgia he gave me loads of leaflets the address of local support group and some meds... After

That I went into a 7 year almost total remission except for the rib pain which I took painkillers for as and when .. That was when I was 25 ... When I was 32 it came on full time so I consider myself very lucky I had such a young clued up GP since then We have moved twice and both times I have been lucky and found fibro supportive gps. As Mdaisy said its now usually done by a rheumatologist but I didn't see one until I was 43 .. 5 years ago I had loads of blood tests and x rays and scans and he agreed it was fibro. With the added joy of arthritis..

VG x


I was diagnose 7 years ago by a rheumatologist but was discharged as any medication he suggested contra-indicated with the other meds I'm on. So my GP, who is great, just keeps trying different painkillers, none of which work!! XX


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