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Hi all, ive just received a letter today saying i have to attend Work-focused interview, i have rang the job centre and asked if this means i have failed my medical which i had on the 22nd january. They have told me i have passed my medical but iam being put in the wrag related group . Could anybody advise me if i will still get my money back dated if iam in this group and also how to appeal against this desission please. I think iam pleased on passing my medical lol but feel i should be in the support group. Any advice would be grateful please.

Paula xx

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Yes you will get the money back dated currently waiting on mine, they don't do anything quick I'm afraid. Also Citizens advice dealt with my case (appeal) they are just brill!



You haven't failed, getting into the Wrag group isn't a failure because you are still considered to ill too work. You need to contact the DWP dealing with your claim asap and put in an appeal, I think you have about I month to do so. Check out the Benefits and Work website because they have lots of useful info on appeals. I think the ladies here can send out the sheets for you.


Hello Paula,

If you would like the Benefits & Work Guides FibroAction can send them to you for free, if you email

They contain lots of helpful information which may be of help to you, link to the website below:

All the best



It is a victory of sorts, do you consider yourself fit to do some work? If not, put in an appeal for the SG.


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