Wrag to support group

I have now had my ESA stopped after 365 days and was told to appeal the wrag for support group. The cout stated I not be assessed for 2 yrs and gave me 18 points.it is so confusing has anyone appealed the wrag to support group and had there money reinstated. HELP

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  • this has just happend to me my money stopped on 12 april i went to my appeal on 15 th april and passed it i was put in support group were by rights i should of been given my benifit back you will get it but it could take a few weeks and any arreas but be prepared to keep ringing up and asking whats goin on because after 12 phone calls only yesterday did i finally get a anwser hopefully they say i should get some money next week if and only if someone dosent mess it up nearly 6 weeks down the line im praying i get some money next week hope this helps you if not send me a message take care.

  • Well done to you. I hope I have good luck x thankyou

  • You will get arrears paid if you win your appeal.

  • give liam carter a shout mybenefitclaim.co.uk he has a document he could send you to help

  • Thankyou cjw064 I will call for info x

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