Finally getting some help from Social Work!

I sent my application to Social Work three weeks ago and I now have a Occupational Therapist YAY! She has been to visit me and I now have a few rails my bathrooms and I am waiting on bathing cushion to help lower and raise me up in the bath .. I love baths and the hot water really helps my back, neck pain etc. soooo really excited that I'll soon be able to have as many baths as I want, since I can now get in and out :)


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  • So pleased for you Charlie, that is good to hear! :) xxx

  • Thanks, so excited! Hope it will make a big difference and make things easier :) xx

  • Very pleased to hear your news,yes hot/warm baths really do help release those painful muscles and joints i couldn't live without my baths xxx

  • That is great news. I am still waiting for things to happen so I can get things done for my daughter xxxxxx

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