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38,723 members50,984 posts statement in commons Dec 13th .i had a letter on my birthday (nice )telling me i will recieve a phone call regarding assessment for esa .i am on long term dla indefinite so where do i stand? if it is supposed to be 2015. i hope someone can help because it is the dread of going through it all again i have cirrhosis ,fibro (16yrs fibro)spondylitis,thyroid not workin cfs and bloomin gout lol i got to laugh or i will cry.

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oh i forgot type 2 diabetic too


At the moment not a lot will change Booksearcher, the procedure for ESA will continue as normal. Assessments for PIP will start in October 2013, this will be for people whose DLA is coming to an end. If you are on long term DLA I would imagine you will be assessed for PIP later than this.

You will be notified of the procedure and what will happen in your particular case and the time frames to be expected etc.

For the moment you will have your ESA phone call and then be advised what will happen next regarding this benefit. The phone calls are mainly to explain about ESA.

Please click the link below which will take you to a recent discussion we had on ESA phone calls, hope this helps -


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many thanks for the info ,something else to niggle our minds eh xx