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The disappearing blog

Hi everyone.........well yesterday I wrote a blog about going out with my daughter for her birthday bash, I tapped away took breaks and finally finished it. ;-) Hooray I thought,and then said to my OH I better do a preview with all the breaks I had to take .Usually just check it through.

Well I pressed preview and checked and the first line I had miss spelt a I clicked the curser over the letter to be taken off,pressed back arrow to delete the letter and ....HEY PRESTO.....the whole blog disappeared.;-( .................I just stared at it and looked everywhere !! NO BLOG to be found. I was exhausted,and the blog was all about fun. :-)

Today the fun on sunday has caught up with me and I am too tired to re think it all, but hope every one is having an OK day! :-0

Lots of ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((gentle hugs ))))))))))))))))))))))))

rainbow x x x

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Well hun there is a valuable lesson to be learnt there and take if form me I have. When I do a blog I highlight it all and copy it and then if it disapears you can just paste it lol. Sorry hun, not laughing at you but remembering all the times I have done exactly the same thing. I have done it with time concuming emails too xxxxx


Yes, I learned that the hard way too! Glad to hear that you have been having some fun though and hope you finish paying for it soon. Gentle hugs and good wishes. Jane x


It was weird I just went to correct a spelling mistake....guess I will leave well alone next time x x Wonder what random person is thinking reading my night out Ha ha ;-)

Hugs and goodnight hope the bed bugs don't bite,my little fibromite's :-)


The fearies took it lol petal


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