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hi all just a question iv had lots of back and leg pain in the last couple of months wen i went to my gp he tested my reflexes to find that the y wasnt responsive in my knees i had a scan on my spine and it came back clear and i was prescribed diazapam but they are having no affect was wondering weather i should go back and see if he could give me something stronger like morphine patches or something to that affect

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If you are getting no relief please go back to your should not suffer if the meds aren't working.... Weird we have the same thing but we ae all so different. Diazepam suits me fine when I have been given it morphine doesn't... But that's just me... But please go back to your gp and see if he can find something to help your pain

Good luck

VG x


I agree with VG. Get your GP to prescribe something else. There are a few different medications that you could try. Good luck and I hope that they can help. Jane x


Morning the ladies are right get an appointment and go chat with your Doctor , it really is the best and only way to find the right medicine for you.

Let us know how you get on xgins


The girls above have said the important thing - go back to the doctor!

Morphine or strong opioids are not a recommended treatment for Fibro. With Fibro, you have a reduced availability of opioid receptors so these drugs do not work as well as they should. And with Fibro you often also are susceptible to side effects. So the risk-benefit ratio for strong opioids is not good with Fibro. They are sometimes prescribed long-term to people who have other conditions for which they are a recommended treatment. But otherwise they are likely to be either inappropriate or a short term option while more effective treatment is worked out.


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