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brilliant day

well perfect day the sun shined, my pain was low today, after a good nights sleep. then managed to take hubby to work at five, came back did some housework and then done a bit of gardening. family came round hada abarbie and also skyped my f=son and his family in hong kong. had to have a sleep this pm. but still feel good

Just saying ladies and gents we fibros can have some brill days i do not think the pain has reduced that much but a lovely sunny day makes all the difference now tomorrow going to pace love tp you all xxxx

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Hi webby

Glad ya had a lovely pain managable, active family day. I agree the sun can deff make things appear better. Gosh hong kong that must be some experience for your son and family my friend was there on holiday and said it is an amazing country; on one hand it's so innovative technological and modern and on the other so traditional and full of historical culture. Would love to see it myself - mmmm maybe one day :-)

Hope your days continue to be as pain free as possible & blessed with fun family action

God bless X Dixie X


thankyou my daughterinlaw comes from hongkong they met ten years ago. she lived here for eight years happily working and settled. then bam she got pregnant and wanted to go live in hong kong as they beleive its a better place to live. so now my son his wife and little isaac live there and are very settled and woohoo i am having them for three weeks christmas cannot wait. And if i can get fitter i will visit them next year xxxx


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