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Pregnancy and change in symptoms?

HI Ladies,

During my first pregnancy I had an almost total remission of symptoms, which came back hard and fast at around 7 months after giving birth. We are planning a second pregnancy as I really don;t want my daughter to be on her own but was wondering how people's experiences differed between pregnancies. Having a 20 month old is hard and the pain I am in most days is worrying me. What if it gets worse when I'm pregnant and afterwards? How will I manage? Any advice, tales or opinions would be great x

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Hello there Charose

I had my three children before my Fibromyalgia, so whilst we wait for others to post with personal experiences, here is some info on pregnancy and Fibro -


Hope some of this info is helpful to you! :)


Hmmm well I had my only child while my fibro was manageable but during pregnancy I did notice my chostocondritis was better the only time in over 20 years now I could actually wear a bra comfortably.... Didn't have a great pregnancy was sick every day until I gave birth ... By emergency c section but I also had endometriosis then had great trouble getting pregnant and tried for 3 years after and nothing so had total hysterectomy when I was 35 ... Cured the endo pity there's not a cure like that for fibro.... So from my experience fibro and symptoms linked to fibro got better during pregnancy


Interesting that your Fibro went into a kind of remission when you were pregnant. Years ago when I was pregnanat and a friend of mine who had Chronic Arthritis was debating if she should have children or not.An obstratition (! you know what I mean??) said that in fact the symptoms of Arthritis were made much better by the pregnancy hormones and to go ahead ,as she would in all probability have a very pain free and uncomplicated pregnancy. I am thinking that perhaps the pregnancy hormones work in the same way on Fibro? As it happened, she left her husband and has never had children. But I thought this information might help you chrose.


Go for it, you won't know until you try .... and a baby is just the greatest joy (I'm a doteing Nanna - can you guess?).

Julie xx


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