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Occupational benevolent funds

Are you employed or have you been? Do you need financial help through no fault of your own? Did you know that many occupations have a benevolent fund attached to them that may be able to help you?

Maybe you are or were a gardener or a bank clerk, a teacher, farmer or shop assistant, whatever your occupation there may be a benevolent fund that wants to help you.

There are over 400 occupational benevolent charities helping individuals that have been or are employed in many different professions, trades or industries. Each fund has its own criteria and all offer slightly different assistance.

This leaflet from the charity Perennial - the national charity for those who work or have worked in horticulture and their spouses/ partners when they face adversity or need - explains it very well:

The website Turn2Us provides a search facility to look for this kind of financial help:

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Thank you for that info, Lindsey, It was very interesting, especially as since after a bad fall at work, I have not been able to return, because of my disabilities. I will look up these sites properly, I have already bookmarked them.

Best wishes Cazx


There's a list here if it helps:


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