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How my Fibromyalgia became much less severe with no treatment

I know it's not the easy answer for many people, however, I have just spent two months in Australia visiting family and friends.

Within a few days of being there my Fibromyalgia all but disappeared!!! I was concerned that it would return once I had come back but so far, so good.

I am much more mobile, can get in and out of chairs much easier and have been doing physical tasks much easier than before I went. It takes a lot longger before I become fatigued and aching.

Why? I wish I knew. It was winter there but much warmer than here where I was. So is it the warmth that did it? Or, is it the much more relaxed attitude and the people being much friendlier that made me feel better?

Would it be the much brighter days, clear skies and lack of the 'grey' that we have here? So is it the mental attitude or the better climate?

Maybe an expert can tell us? Whatever it is, I wish I could bottle it to share.

I have asked my Doctor for a prescription for regular trips but he couldn't provide one LOL.

With winter not too far away and the dark, short days I am fearful that may bring it back but am desperate for that not to happen.

My wife says that I am a different person when I am over there.

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Im like that when im abroad.feels i have a new body.

I think its the climate and people.


I always feel better in the summer but this yr it has been dull so it must just be the longer days, I can still flare if I am stupid though and I pace still.


Interesting, so is it the relaxation of being on holiday or the better weather? Going by Penny's comment it could be the longer brighter days, so is it a variation of S.A.D.?

You'd think we could get trips to the siun on the NHS!! LOL


I am pleased for you. I think a change in environment means a change in habits.

think it's time to get my passport sorted lol i understand that the winter does affect me so i try and sit out even for a little while in the fresh air. When i go away i feel much more relaxed but i do feel exhausted when i come back. Holidays on the nhs if only that was available i would be first in the queue.


hi and how lovely for you to be feeling so good after your tip and long may it stay bless you keep us updated love diddle x


Linksy, I am retired, haqven't worked for about 12 years +,. I retired very early which I had intended to anyway. Because of that I lead a fairly relaxed life anyway. However, there whilst it is mostly leisure time as my family have a large cattle station therfe is always work to do. Physical work, before I went I couldn't have even dreamt of doing what I did there. It's not like being on holiday, we have to muck in and sing for our supper.

The people are very relaxed and friendly and even in the cities life is much less stressful. That is probably mainly due to the better weather so maybe that's it. The people and the weather. .


Hi diddle diddle, thank you for your lovely comments. Yes, I am always better in Australia than here. I used to live there and spend a coup0le of months there regularly but not for several years and not since I have been diagnosed with fibro. I wondered if the trip might help. I'd love to be able to get back to going every year. Here's hoping. xx


There is no doubt in my mind that when the weather is warmer and the sun is shining, my symptoms don't feel so bad. I can imagine being in Australia would help you. It's a shame there aren't prescriptions to go there, I would pick one up tomorrow! So pleased to hear how you felt over there! :)


hank you LibbyDe. So far I am still feeling pretty good, it worries me as to how long into the dark winter months it will last. However, I am still doing the lottery!!! Win that and I will be able to commute back and forth. I'd have an apartment or something there so that I could travel light, leaving clothes etc at each end. Now that would be nirvana.


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