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Geeee is this physical tiredness for real lol

Me being still new and seemingly get new things or had them last yr!

But this yr its different hmm

This wk at wrk had to sit a lot more than normal!

Letting and trusting my girls wrk is good enough.

Today no wrk as wkend. I dont feel uneell but very strangely weaker and tiredness is overwhelming! I have had to sleep through day despite fighting it.

Bit like the flu i guess you jave no strength (had flu 16 yrs ago and i was bed bound for wks)

The Dr's had to visit me quite a bit then obviously past and ok.

I am not feverish but the burning in my body and the aches is grtting more

Intense i say and my fface.

Has any of you been through this?!?! I did last year but was different and kept having daytime naps only felt different! Xxxxxxxhuggles

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Hello Fairycazzie - The symptoms you are feeling are quite typical with Fibromyalgia and also CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Have you actually been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia?

It might be worth having a review of your meds with your Doctor as our condition is prone to changing. We may have increased pain, more fatigue, problems with sleeping etc. You say your symptoms last year were different which makes me think you need to update your Doctor about this too.

The burning you describe is also typical with Fibro and also the aching. The sensations can also be shooting pains, pins and needles, tingling to red hot pain. Also our temperature control can be erratic, one moment hot, next moment cold. We can also be sensitive to light, sound, temperature and touch. I think most of us have been through most of these symptoms at some time or other.

I hope you feel better soon and that you see your Doctor and get a good result. Take care. :)


Thanks LibbyDe, I was wondering why I was feeling more fatigued, diagnosed 5yrs with fibromyalgia, have been on same meds about 18months Morphine Tablets 60mg twice daily, on anti depresant venlafaxine 37.5 in morning then 75mg in evening, have oral liquid morphine if need extra, paracetamol to take when needed, buccastem for the sickness other meds for asthma, but recently really no energy, going for a scan on Tuesday on neck have had a scan on stomach which still awaiting results, not sleeping or sleep for hours but your answer seems to answer and I think I need to go back to the doctors, the tingling is very odd like an electric sensation in hands arms and feet, any other med you can suggest as like to go to doctors with as much information as possible, have sticks to get about also on long hauls have a wheelchair which is a god send, take care gentle hugs Kathx


Thanks Libby dee, yeah my Dr's say i have but continued down

Route of Neurologist, neuro surgeon & clinical neuro physcologist to confirm i do not have Ms or any other disease!

I was happy with nerve compression last year in my neck! But they sent me allll over as my symptoms were on both sides and wide spread.

I was on the track of accepting 1st things confirmed via MRI but had 3 plus blood tests etc and now no more tests.

However, i have looked into Melissa blood testing for Titanium due to operation in May 2010 ( where all went wrong and trauma and feel this triggered it all)

Bhms/cfs/fm/ibs gastro problems and beta blockers too.

Had my Lyrica updosed twice in year for progressiveness.

But lately am wiped out ! :-( .

The neuro physcologist says it is all real symptoms but physcological.

I am erratic with heat and cold, every symptom posdible.

He says the more we worry the more the symptoms flare.

I am living with it just finding the root cause ! I will swear to my grave its Titanium,

As had a belly piercing in 2009 and got badly infected wen on hols and removed immediately! I only found out it was titanium this yr! As went back to tattoe place and asked.

So i have a price on melissa and its just going shead as its £189!! Eek lol

Thank yooo so much as i am still new and experiencing new things!!

Huggles xxxxxxxx


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