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my life: having wee pains

hi everyone as i said in previous blogs i had a heart attack and then had two stints fitted, been having wee pains not really sore but just hard to desribe if anyone has had these fiited then please let me know if this is something that is normal. they didnt fit a pace maker or the other thing whose name i can't rem. said that as my heart rate was normal on the medication the operation to fit the stints should fix it. dont know if im being paranoid or not ha feel abit of an edjit going to the hospital again for them to tell me to stop worrying, still feel wrecked went for a walk about five minutes and it wrecked me, fybro still as bad legs arms headaces, but that's life, i'm going to say awee prayer for you's all and hope we all start getting the help wee need, xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Thank you Hagi! :)

So sorry to hear that you're so uncomfortable right now. It's not uncommon to experience a bit of pain after heart stents, this could be simply the artery stretching. However, any pain needs checking especially heart related pains. The best thing to do would be to have a word with your GP to reassure you, but primarily to check everything is ok. Sometimes the pain goes after a few weeks, but I would still check especially as you have previously had a heart attack.

As you have the added "complication" of having Fibromyalgia, I am not at all surprised that you can't determine if your pain is "normal". Make sure you don't overdo it, speak to your Doctor or Consultant if you are able to. Please report back and let us know how you get along. Take care Hagi! :)


Yes please see your doctor that's what they are there for better to be safe than sorry and they won't think you're an idiot for checking. It's their job and if there's something wrong it's better to catch it early. Go see your doctor and let us know how you get on. xx


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