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Today i went into dotty p and saw a lovely pink floral chiffon dress it was lovely and no i didnt need it but it was only ££7 in the sale so i got it , i put it on when i had had my bath and it looked gorgeous that is until i looked in the mirror and even though it ad a satin lining you could see straight through it you could see my whole body shape which i absolutely hate !!!! so that will be going back in the morning

it is not the first time thsat i have had this problem i get a dress or skirt get it home and you can see straight through it !!! why do dress manufacturerrs do that i am not one to wear a dress like that but never mind am i the only one ???

love diddle xxx

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Diddle the times I see a bargain and I think no but then I do and it goes back,its crazy and delusional on my part!!!!


Sue x x


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