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Half Way There

Well, after getting up way too early this morning I got back from my first round trip taking my aunt out to the hospital one town away. Actually more than one town away, I go past the small country town before reaching the hospital. A sixty miles round trip or rather just over the 60 miles.

I couldn't get it on the Hospitals listings on my sat-nav but got the directions via the postal code of the medical centre (I believe that's what it's been renamed, or similar).

She is expected to get out today, it's a day patient/out patient operation she is undergoing. Something to do with her hand, but my other aunt says both wrists are being operated on. I find that strange because generally a hospital won't chance incapacitating both hands at the same time in case something goes wrong or you can't use the hand/wrist operated on.

So she is going to call my Dad's mobile when she gets the OK to be released. So now it's a waiting game. I hate waiting around. I like things planned out and spaced out. I'm far past jumping up and rushing around now.


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