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wonderful therapy

ive been to kent for a few days to c my son n his family ,they have a little 2yr old boy owen .oh he is so adorable n so funny i havnt laughed so much for ages ,my daughter in law is from kent n my son from the midlands so owen has a lovely little axcent coming already he sounds so cute,ive been so spiolt while ive been there loved it now bak down to earth .soft hugs to all tofty xx

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Hey tofty, gentle hugs.

I'm so glad you enjoyed you few days away - I have a 10 month old Grandson, Dylan, and he is so funny too! Time spent with these little guys is so therapeutic don't you think? Even when you're home and facing Mr Fibro again - he cannot steal those happy memories - well at least not immediately! :-P


Carol xx


Hi Tofty

I have a 5 and a half year old Son and he is definately my best medicine! We have just had a great half-term together and now it is back to work and school unfortunately! Kids do make us laugh and he certainly cheers me up without even knowing it! Sometimes I can foget my Fibro when I am with him, even if its not for long!! Fairy hugs :)


HI tofty you sound really good and kids do know how to cheer you up dont they.

hugs, kel xxx


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