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im looking to get in touch with me/fibro sufferers in coventry

hi im looking for people in coventry who suffer with me/fibro maybe to meet up for a chat feeling really rubbish right now its another day but fed up as woke up in as much pain as i was in yesterday, would like to chat to peole that have a little more understanding as to how we feel, i think its a grey area when you try t o explain to people how you feel i feel quite aloa

n :( on a lighter note hope others are having a good day today :) regards joed

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Hi Joed,

I live in Coventry.

Did you know we have a fibro support group which meets in town once a month, and also a tai chi group which meets weekly?

Both are at central hall.

Would love to meet up sometime.

Angel Hug



hi lindz thanks for your reply what part of coventry are you in would love to meet up for a chat joed


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