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Pain Management

Had my apt for Pain management today. Lady seems really lovely and wants to help me and wants the best for me. I have exercises today, only little ones. Did one while I was there and then this afternoon was so tired ended up in bed! Soooo tired!!!! All I did was take my own feet off the foot things oln the wheelchair. It took so much effort! I was happy that I did it, but when we got to the car afterwards I couldn't do it then. I just hate the way I felt afterwards. I'm not expecting a miracle, and I'm not expecting to wake up in the morning and have my illness gone. I'm trying to be realistic but have realised again lol that this all just takes time. I'm so glad that there is a group like this for me to post in, even when we have days like this, just to be able to write down how we feel. xxxxx

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Sounds like you did really well. :)

Gentle hugs x


keep up the good positive thinking xx


ahhh thank you anjie and webby. I', suffering today lol, been tired all day, but as you say 'keep positive'. Take care and gentle hugs to you both xxx


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