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It was not my fault i opened the cuboard and there it was the wrapping was starting to come undone so i had a slice (well a big chunk actually) then i put it away for another day but something kept niggling at me so i went back and there it was still jus lookinfg at me so i had another cup of tea and ate the rest of it sorry , there i said it it was me i hold my hands up i was not pushed or forced i done it myself , ok i feel better now i have admitted it now i can sleep (hah ha ) easy tonight

the morale of this story is DO NOT BUY CARROT CAKE !!!!!!!! well not if your name is DIDDLE x love to you all

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Ha ha....sounds like me. I cant resist cake!!! i have to say i do make the most amazing cupcakes. Problem with that is....i have to eat them all!!! :-)


oh no dont let me anywhere near you then not cup cakes yum yum i think i better stop buying cakes full stop i know i need to put on weight and about 2 stone but not the unhealthy way lol love to you diddle x


You are naughty Diddle!!. I didn't buy biscuits this week so went to the shop this morning to get some chocolate to keep in the fridge. The intention was that I would eat one bar and keep two - HAHA - two gone the last one going.

Carrot cake not my fave but have been known to demolish large pieces at at time, however, have a friend with his own cupcake business and must be fair they are the bees knees. I have to beg him on times not to give me any cos as soon as I get them home there is this overwhelming compulsion to eat them.

Its all very good saying dont buy them but if you are like me when you don't have these treats the craving gets worse. For someone who never had a sweet tooth I am doing pretty well lately. Love Angela x


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