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Good morning sorry not been on site been poorly, yesterday i had a new pacemaker fitted in Broadgreen in Liverpool, whilst i was there having to have BP taken so much the cuff killed me, one of the nurses commented that there were 3 ladies in the ward with Fibro, and they were hurting as well, unfortunately couldnt get to speak to the ladies having to have a general, I had to explain to everybody what it was, very exhausting, i think im going to write something very briefly and laminate it and just show it people, i am open to any suggestions, i am finding this exhausting typing with one finger must go xx

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sending you lots of hugs for a speedy recovery , i think written in a talisman bracelet could be a good idea?? :) xx


I think when you go into hospital you should be given a wrist band like the red ones to say you have allergies, to let people know you have a debilitating illness ..


Sounds like you are really in the wars at the moment coops. Sorry to hear that, wishing you a speedy recovery.

I understand where you are coming from, having to explain to everyone whats going on. Maybe written in a talisman bracelet would be a good idea, but then you have to keep getting it out and then you will wear the paper out too!

How about the most brief explanation, written in fairly small print and printed on a card? If you can there are sometimes machines in railway stations or shopping centres which you could use, and get a few copies too for a couple of pounds - or print it out and get it laminated on something you can slip in a wallet/purse or pocket.

May seem odd to say it because I am now thinking I will do the same!

I recall you said that writing this is painful for you, so maybe someone could do this for you? In the meantime get better and take care of yourself.

Soft hugs.


i have a letter in my beg and if anyone asks me they symptoms i hand them the letter they then look horrified and bugger off fast lol

broadgreen is a fab hospital we go there as well x


hope you are feeling alotbetter soon love to you and soft hugs diddle x


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