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Critical Illness Cover on insurance policy

Can anyone give me any advice on how to prove to an insurance company that you have satisfied all treatment options if they wont tell you what treatments they expect you to have tried?!

They say their Chief Medical Officer expects to see a "more active treatment plan" but they don't say what this should involve, so how should I know what this should be!

They also are placing a huge emphasis on CBT, which I have tried twice without real benefit, stating they would expect this to form part of the treatment.

How can they possibly think CBT will suddenly cure me?


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Its an endowment policy with critical illness cover. I can make a claim on this under Total Permanent Disability if the illness means I can no longer work at my own occupation.

They say they have accepted that I am totally unable to do my own occupation because of my disabilities ie Fibromyalgia but that it's not permanent!

As there is no cure for fibromyalgia how can it not be considered permanent!

CBT may help with how you deal with the illness but how can it be expected to improve my ability to bend, stretch, sit for long periods of time, stand for long periods of time etc. I was a midwife by the way.


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