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Hope the sky is blue and the sunshine is out where you all are, i am now taking my doggy out for half an hour it is going to kill me and i dont feel like it but i am making myself get up and get out and get some clean fresh air in my lungs and some spring sunshine on my face and hopefully that will be the thing to set me up for the day ! what are all you up to today hope it is something nice? love to you all and will be back maybe later Love diddle x

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Well done diddle! getting motivated is an achievement in itself I find :)

I hope the sun is nice and warm for you! My dog took me for a walk in the fog early this morning he is a husky and gently pulls me along which is quite helpful.....untill he sees another dog and then it all goes to pot lol, Sadly there is no sign of the spring sun here.Oh how I am looking forward to the warmer weather! I just can't seem to get warm at all.

I will be attempting to do some work on a drawing today, I am an artist but with the fibro I find it hard to hold my pen/brush for long and I find that after about 10 min I am in danger of drifting off, so it's a bit hit and miss at the moment lol but with any luck I will get get a little further on with the picture.

I hope you have a lovely day x


Morning Diddle and Stefi,

My dog is quite good with me, if I say steady going down hill he waits for me! Clever pooch! Rottie cross Lab.

Its not sunny here either and blumming cold, so I'm off back to bed to get my painkillers kicking in and joints warm!

Stefi, you could paint a 'fibro fog' using your talent, reds, blues and greys. I crochet and knit (I know its what granny's do, but) I love doing it and can stop every other stitch if I have to, but cant express myself the way artists do. My uncle used to draw/paint in his spare time and I loved his work.

Catch up soon



Hi Diddle,

It always makes feel better if i get out of house each day even if it is to school and back.

kel xxx


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